So what is ChurchOrganWorld?

Following the acquisition by Makin Organs Ltd of Copeman Hart & Company Ltd in early 2011, changing our identity has always been an important element of our development plan. Now is the appropriate time. We recently launched our new name ‘ChurchOrganWorld’ which describes what we do as a company and helps remove any potential confusion from customers who want to speak to somebody from Makin, but the phone gets answered by Copeman Hart staff or vice versa.

We will of course keep our three brand names and broad range of individually unique products from Johannus, Makin and Copeman Hart. Customers are well aware of our capabilities from the simplest home practice instrument right through to an instrument suitable for the largest of cathedrals. No other company offers such a range of quality options all of which come with the best in service and at a price that is eminently affordable.