New English Versions of Johannus instruments announced

As sole importer of Johannus Organs of Holland,, which manufactures and sells Johannus, Makin and Copeman Hart instruments, announces the release of new and updated English editions of Johannus instruments including the ever popular Opus and Studio organs.

Dr Keith Harrington, Managing Director of ChurchOrganWorld, commented “Due to their unmatched build and sound quality, Johannus instruments have always been popular in the UK. Following on from a series of excellent meetings with Johannus, it became clear that, as requested by a growing number of customers, English versions of these tremendous instruments could be built. What’s more the additional cost of production would not be prohibitive so we can continue as ever to deliver excellent value to our customers.”

He added “For many years Johannus have produced different regional versions of their instruments, including those for Dutch, French, German and American organists. With the new English versions tailored to meet the unique desires of British organists, with specially selected stops, samples and voicing, and with our very keen prices, many more customers are likely to buy these high quality instruments. We expect the first batch of these instruments will be in our Shaw and Mixbury showrooms within the next few days.”