Summer News Update

The Organ Gala at Liverpool Cathedral held this year on 20th June featured five different organs including three instruments from Copeman Hart and Makin and organists Daniel Bishop, Daniel Mansfield, David Poulter, Ian Tracey and Ian Wells, colloquially known as the ‘home team’. It was a truly splendid event with the players clearly thoroughly enjoying themselves using ten hands, thirteen manuals and three pedalboards! The Gala formed part of the fund raising drive to complete the rebuild of the mighty Willis and as a special event for the Organ Patrons who have helped fund routine and non-routine maintenance since 1978. Exhibition stands, a wide range of sheet organ music and organ DVD’s and CD’s from Priory were taken by ChurchOrganWorld.

Following on from the publication last year two solo pieces of organ music, in the late summer we anticipate publishing our first volume of organ music which will include new pieces and rearrangements from several generations of Liverpool organists. Aimed at the average player, this will be a ‘must-have’ for most organists. Additional details of the composers and the actual title of the book will be available shortly. Our expectation is to publish it at less than £20.00 per copy. Contact us today to be one of the first to receive a copy; a limited number of which will be signed by all composers.

July will be a big month for Copeman Hart when the long awaited four manual instrument will be installed at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Opened twenty five years ago, this is an excellent venue for a wide range of music. Whilst many would have liked to have seen a pipe organ installed, the reality is simply that one was never planned for and even if budget were available there is no space available to install one. Clearly with its tremendous sound and build quality with second to none customer support and service a Copeman Hart was the next best choice. Designed in collaboration with a group of eminent local organists, Professor Ian Tracey and Dr Keith Harrington produced a sensational 76 speaking stop instrument designed to meet all repertoire and other needs within the concert hall. For an instrument of this size, amplification is critical so 56 full range and 8 bass speaker boxes have been used with over 170 independent speaker drivers being powered by a quadruple computer system!

Shortly after the installation, the organ will be voiced in the hall by Ian and Keith in a process likely to take several days.

Invited local organists will be able to see and experience the organ for themselves during the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd September as part of a guided tour, with the formal public opening concert being that evening at 19:30. In due course information concerning the availability of tickets will be available on our websites and Facebook page.

As ever over the summer we are also exceptionally busy with the installation of home and church organs from Johannus, Makin and Copeman Hart and organ hires at prestigious sites including Guildford Cathedral.

We are a one stop shop, and have a very wide and varied stock of our best of breed digital instruments to suit home buyers and churches alike with budgets from £5,000 to £200,000. Come and visit us at our showrooms in Shaw (OL2 7DE) or Mixbury (NN13 5RN). You will be made most welcome and provided with as much tea and coffee as you would like whilst you play instruments, browse Priory label organ and choral DVD’s and CD’s. At Shaw, you can try on OrganMaster shoes and browse, play and purchase a wide variety of sheet organ music. We are open five days a week from 09:00 to 17:00 with evening and weekend opening by appointment.

Please do call in advance of your visit so we can ensure we have relevant staff available and so you have the showroom of your choice to yourself!