Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

A new Copeman Hart four manual instrument was installed at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in July. Opened twenty five years ago, this is an excellent venue to showcase a wide range of music and has seating for 2,500. Whilst many would have liked to see a pipe organ installed, the reality is simply that one was never planned for and, even if budget were available, there is no space available to install one. Clearly with its tremendous sound and build quality with second to none customer support and service a Copeman Hart was the next best choice. Designed in collaboration with a group of eminent local organists, Professor Ian Tracey and Dr Keith Harrington produced a sensational 76 speaking stop instrument designed to meet all repertoire and other needs within the concert hall. For an instrument of this size, amplification is critical so 56 full range and 8 bass speaker boxes have been used with over 170 independent speaker drivers being powered by a quadruple computer system.

The following week Ian Tracey and Keith Harrington spent two days voicing the organ to fit the building producing a simply stunning result, well beyond the expectations of the customer. From the shimmering Swell strings with soft 32’ flue, to full organ with a Tuba which cuts through the full chorus, the organ has everything one can imagine. Certainly this is the best digital organ in Scotland; perhaps even the best in the whole of the UK.

Local organists can see and experience the organ for themselves during the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd September between 14:30 and 17:30 as part of a guided tour (access via Buchanan Street entrance for free), with the formal public opening concert being that evening at 19:30 with tickets available at £5.00 each from