Small Space, Large Instrument

Customer Mr Lunt of Lichfield comments “I just wanted to put on record huge thanks to you and the rest of the team for the amazing job which you have done in installing the biggest organ in the world into the planet’s smallest room! I knew that the instrument was going to be pretty amazing but I have been stunned by the quality of sound which it delivers in such a small space. To take an extreme example, I’ve been using the tuba stop this morning (the neighbours had been warned!) and it really does sound as if it’s located in a separate division. The depth, subtlety and colour of sounds which the organ can deliver across all divisions are just awesome.”
He added “It is an absolute delight to play (the wooden keys, as you predicted, make a massive difference) and I consider myself very fortunate indeed to be the owner of such a superb instrument. As yet there isn’t a queue of friends and acquaintances in the street waiting to have a go – but it can only be a matter of time!”