Significant Upgrade to the Johannus Studio Organ Series

The ever-popular Studio range of organs from Johannus has undergone a major upgrade with the release of the new two- and three-manual instruments the 280 and 380. Each organ has four sets of samples taken from four exceptionally well known and admired instruments:

  • The Romantic sample set is from the Vater-Müller organ at the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
  • The Baroque sample set is from the Silberman organ in the Katholische Hofkirche, Dresden
  • The Symphonic sample set is from the Adema organ in Raalte and the Cavaillé Coll organ, Paris
  • The Historic sample set is from the Hinsz organ in the Bovenkerk, Kampen

To maintain the sounds and to fit within the stop names a style-variable disposition has been created. For example, in the Symphonic style a Flute Harmonique sounds, while the same stop in the other styles represents a Quintadeen. The style-variable disposition is thus a way to cleverly display characteristic stops of a particular style, allowing the organist to also play the specific music in that style with an appropriate registration.

The beautiful convolution reverb already used on the LiVE, Vivaldi, Ecclesia and Sonique models is now also used in the Studio. A very powerful processor makes it possible to reproduce as many as 48,000 reflections per second. In each Studio, you have a choice of 12 different truly sampled reverbs.

Similar to the LiVE there is an ambience function. At the touch of a button, you can switch positions as a listener from very close to the pipes, a bit further away, or at the very back of the church.

All these improvements are made possible by the Johannus updated OranjeCore+ hardware and software platform. With this new technology, they have expanded a stable technology that has proven itself to be reliable and of very high quality for years. In short, the Studio is the very best Study organ an organist could wish for.

Why not contact us directly to discuss your needs and to hear when these wonderful instruments will be available to play in Shaw and Mixbury?