A Call to Composers: Yet more sheet organ music to be published

The next project we have in mind is for a volume of preludes and interludes for general service use, especially during the communion service. We are therefore looking for composers to submit pieces, in Sibelius format only, for this venture. The editorial board are looking for original pieces or preludes/interludes based on, for example, well known hymn tunes. However, it is all about the quiet stops, so the big pedal reeds and the Tuba should not come out to play. As ever, we are keen for pieces that are playable by an average organist, up to grade 6 standard in a key with no more than three flats or sharps.

Please submit pieces to be considered by the end of February 2024 by email to music@churchorganworld.co.uk.

The working title is ‘Be still for the Presence’. Of course ‘Be still for the presence of the Lord’ is a well-known hymn as written by David Evans. As there were potential concerns over copyright, one of our house composers Robert Cockroft checked with Mr Evans who wrote back “As far as I know titles/part-titles of songs are not protected by copyright law so I don’t see there is a problem; indeed I feel honoured by the allusion! Best of luck with the project.”

So based on this, why would we not use this title? The suggestion is that this will be a multi-volume series.