New Vivaldi Organs from Johannus

The Vivaldi range of organs from Johannus has now been released with AGO pedalboards as the Vivaldi 27 and the Vivaldi 37 which will be shown for the first time at the Makin Roadshow in Hayle, Cornwall on 13th November.

The crown of the Vivaldi series is the Vivaldi 37. Many organ lovers have been looking forward to this, as the BDO versions of the Vivaldi 15, 25 and 35 fantastic characteristics created major expectations. Well, these expectations were completely justified with this extraordinary organ, which is almost a legend already.

Beautiful, ergonomic console
Large organs are always more difficult to operate than small ones. After all, three manuals and a large number of stops definitely require a little more space. Some stops can even be positioned so far from the organist that they can only be reached with great difficulty.  This is why we have made the Vivaldi 37 ergonomically friendly. Everything is within easy reach as a result of the curved stop grouping – with the organist as the central focus point. Plus it looks beautiful too …

Extensive sound carrying
Johannus introduced a completely new standard in sound reflection with the Vivaldi. This is expressed by an optimal choir formation of the organ’s stops. The Vivaldi 37 has even managed to go beyond this. The 11 amplifiers and 19 speakers distribute the sound so perfectly that the organist is right in the centre of the music. There will be no bothersome direction sensitive sound preferences to disturb your organ playing. You will be able to create a wide carrying sound, as if though you are playing on a real pipe organ.


The Vivaldi 37 contains a Harpsichord which measures up to the original in many different ways. This concerns all sound aspects; including the mechanical action and articulation. Johannus has made history with this instrument!

Welcome to the Musical World of Johannus