New Opus Choir organs with external speakers available from Johannus

The Opus collection of organs continues to expand.
Vera van de Krol from Johannus in Ede commented “Today, we welcome the Opus Choir to the Johannus family. The Opus Choir is the familiar Opus, made suitable for accompanying smaller groups such as choirs or congregations of up to 150 people.” She added “Our designers designed the Opus Choir with one specific purpose: to accompany singing in rooms seating up to 150 people. To ensure the very best sound, the instrument is voiced by a specialist to make best use of the acoustics of the room in which it is installed.” Two models are available, the C280 two-manual and the more flexible three manual C380. The powerful external 4.1 audio system ensures a beautiful distribution of sound, so that everyone feels surrounded by the lifelike sound.”
Dr Keith Harrington MD of ChurchOrganWorld said “This is really excellent news for small churches and chapels where a good organ sound is required with external speakers being seen as essential. Churches now simply have a quality choice at a very attractive price.”
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