New models deliver an impressive upgrade to the Johannus Opus sound quality

Unprecedented sound quality comes from the familiar Opus. With its revolutionary sound and style variable disposition featuring pipe organ stops from the churches of Miami, Kampen, Raalte, Paris and Dresden, the revamped Opus is a comprehensive and impressive living room organ. The 4.1 audio system provides a superb interpretation of authentic organ stops. Once again, the Opus proves to be a masterpiece, suitable for any organist.
Full disposition filled with pipe organ voices
The stops that come to life in the Opus are all recorded from authentic pipe organs. For each sample style, a specific pipe organ has been recorded and sampled. For instance, the ‘romantic’ style features stops from the Ruffatti organ of the Church of the Epiphany in Miami where samples of Adema (Raalte) and Cavaillé- Coll (Paris) are used for the symphonic style. The ‘historic’ style breathes the Hinsz organ of the Bovenkerk in Kampen and the baroque style only uses samples of the Silbermann organ from the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden. These authentic samples, combined with the realistic wind model and true-to-life convolution reverb, complete the pipe organ experience. Hours of playing pleasure with the style variable disposition.
Lifelike convolution reverberation
The Opus has an extremely advanced convolution reverb, developed by Global Organ Group engineers; an ingenious technology that results in the organ using up to as many as 48,000 delay lines per second. The more delay lines, the more detailed the sound reproduction. Our extremely precise reverb recordings in world-famous churches provide a wealth of information. The Opus showcases all this information down to the very smallest detail. When pressing a key, each individual tone is enriched with the selected reverb. The organ has a total of twelve recorded acoustics from twelve different churches, varying in length.
Always play based on advanced technology
The Opus is based on OranjeCore+ technology. This technology guarantees fast start-up times, excellent sound quality and long-term reliability. When we say fast start-up times, we mean the organ can be played within seconds of turning it on. In addition, the OranjeCore+ technology, through its convolution reverb and new digital mixer, guarantees unrivalled sound quality. Even for the organist who likes to play with headphones, the Opus offers an immersive stereo experience. In short, the Opus is an organ with a superb sound quality, which will inspire any demanding organist to keep playing and practising.
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