New 4-decker Makin at Dundee Parish Church

A four manual Makin organ, built to a custom specification as designed by Organ Advisor Dr Bill Stevenson, Professor Ian Tracey, Organist Titulaire at Liverpool Cathedral, and Dr Keith Harrington MD of Makin Organs is being built for Dundee Parish Church (St Mary’s) with installation likely to take place during the summer of 2018. This world-class digital instrument will enable the further development of music in the Church and in the City of Dundee.
Once installed in the organ gallery, the instrument will be professionally voiced by Professor Tracey and Dr Harrington to ensure that it meets all needs that will be placed upon it. Makin was chosen as the vendor of choice due to the unique British sound of its instruments and its first rate customer service. The Psalmody Convenor at St Mary’s, Kenneth Murray, commented “We are very excited to be moving ahead with a new digital instrument. The current pipe organ has served the Church extremely well for over 50 years, but sadly a vast sum of money would be needed to rebuild it again, a sum that the Church can neither justify nor afford.” He added “The pipes will all be kept in place, and if sufficient finance were to become available in the future, then a full restoration of the pipe organ would be possible.” Dr Keith Harrington, MD at Makin Organs commented, “The new Makin will provide a remarkable palette of sounds suitable for use in normal worship, both for congregational singing and for accompanying the choir”. He added “Its versatility makes it ideal for organ voluntaries during Services but also for concerts and recitals.”