Largest Ever Makin to be installed in Liverpool Cathedral

Thanks to the generosity of the late Mr Peter Clark from Liverpool his instrument is now being rebuilt with a modified specification and will be moved into its new home in Liverpool Cathedral later this year. A detailed specification and photographs will be available in due course.

This is a rather special instrument since it is the largest Makin built to date with 115 speaking stops spread over four manuals and pedals. The upgrade has been greatly facilitated thanks to the Pilling Trust and other individual benefactors including our ‘Autumn Shades’ and ‘Sounds of the Summer’ customers.

Once voiced in the Cathedral by Ian Tracey and Keith Harrington, the organ will be based towards the West end of the building, under the Dulverton Bridge, for use during services within the Well and replaces a much older Makin instrument. However, since the console and speaker enclosures will be on a series of plinths and mobile, the organ can easily be moved East to be used alongside the Grand Organ, the Collin’s two manual and the continuo one manual instrument for concerts and organ Galas.

The music department led by Lee Ward and Professor Ian Tracey are very much looking forward to this useful addition which will be called the Clark-Makin organ. This will be the second Makin currently in the Cathedral with the Rattenbury-Makin four manual instrument installed in the Song School. For those who are counting, the Cathedral now has twenty-five manuals and eight organ consoles.

We hope to publicly unveil the organ after the Anniversary Recital on 16th October.