Final Limited Edition Iconic Bottle Stopper Released

The first batch of the sixth in the series Contra Bombarde 32′ has just arrived and available to order here

The four bombardes (32′,16′,8′,4′) are designed to provide an appropriate bass to the Bombarde Tubas. Like the Tubas 16′, 8′ 4′, they are voiced on 30″ pressure. The resonators of the 32ft octave are massive in scale, with the tongues being so large as to require individual pneumatic starter motors, in order to kick-start the reed tongue into movement; without them, the speech would be so slow and any fast-moving pedal parts would be out of the question. The bottom notes of the stop have the effect of a Honda ‘Fireblade’ roaring down the Nave, and are absolutely thrilling under Full Organ.

Perfect for a day on the beach with a glass of champagne.