Beautiful Copeman Hart Rebuild

Installed this week, and to be voiced shortly by Ian Tracey and Keith Harrington our customer in Dormansland, Surrey is exceptionally happy with the result. Originally this beautiful console, built by Copeman Hart, contained ‘home built’ innards and had been well played and looked after through the years.

The rebuild undertaken brought the organ into the 21st century with new Copeman Hart innards, a new increased and enhanced specification, new solid mahogany jambs, new wood-based keyboards and piston rails. The 12.2 new amplification and speaker system is housed in a mini organ loft at the other side of the room. The LED screen, which really helps with the control of the instrument has been placed on the right hand side of the music desk so it can easily be seen, or indeed hidden by some music if a purist were to visit.

Rebuilding quality consoles, typically from drawstop instrument, where the economics makes most sense, has become increasingly popular for churches and homes alike. Our next rebuild project, this time of a Makin drawstop instrument from 1995 will be completed within the next few weeks.