What a Night!

In what to many was thought to be the event of the year, Makin provided three organs for the ‘Organists Entertain’ at Liverpool Cathedral. Joining the resident team of Professor  Ian Tracey, Daniel Bishop and Martin Noble were Ian Wells and special guest star Nigel Ogden of the long running  BBC radio 2 programme ‘The Organist Entertains’. Between them they provided a programme which kept the vast audience thrilled for nearly three hours.

However, the moment of the night was  undoubtedly provided by Dr Noel Rawsthorne, Ian’s illustrious predecessor at Liverpool, who retired in 1980. Now at age 80, Noel played the cathedral Hutson mobile console for the first time publically in 10 years with a scintillating improvisation to the delight of all. In conversation with Keith Harrington afterwards, Noel said that he was thrilled to be involved. He was astounded at the quality of the Makin Organs  and recalled details of an earlier ‘Battle of the Organs’ with another vendor some 20 years ago and suggested that the key difference was that Makin used ‘Sampling’ technology rather than the outdated and inferior ‘modelling’ technologies still being used by some, and indeed apparently being introduced by others as something new.

Next year’s event is already in hand and is expected to take place on Saturday 18th June.