We now stock Priory Blu-Ray, DVD and CD disks

ChurchOrganWorld has been appointed as the Northern stockist (at our Shaw showroom) and Southern stockist (at Mixbury showroom) of the entire available range of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks of organ music and choral music of Priory Records Ltd who are the largest producer of church music in the UK with an unparalleled history of successful recordings over the last 30 years.

Priory’s first recordings were made in 1981 and pre-dated the CD era. They have always quickly embraced technical advancements and now produce audio CDs, DVDs and recently Blu-Ray discs bringing the music of the world’s most wonderfully complete single instrument and the magic of the human voice to the screen. The majority of Priory’s extensive catalogue is captured from spectacular Churches and Cathedrals around the world, performed and directed by renowned organists, choirs, musicians and conductors.

What’s more, we have some unbeatable prices available for our customers including the ‘Grand Organ’ series of recordings made in leading UK cathedrals starting at just £19.99 for DVD/CD or Blu-Ray/DVD/CD combination of disks.

We are open five days a week between 09:00 and 17:00, and longer and at weekends by appointment. In addition to these exciting products, you will be able to browse and buy a wide selection of sheet organ music, try out OrganMaster shoes and test run CopemanHart, Makin and Johannus instruments; the three leading brands of church organs under one roof.