Two New Organs from Johannus

Johannus has launched two new organs to the world which are available from Makin with AGO pedalboards as the Ecclesia 47 and the Symphonica 47.

The Ecclesia is designed for church use built in a traditional drawstop style console with 56 speaking stops spread over three manuals. Included in the package is a 12.2 speaker system with separate speakers for Great/Pedal and Swell/Choir so divisions can easily be located in different parts of the building, for example on both sides of the chancel or nave. This organ has four different banks of samples which include American Classic, Symphonic, Baroque and Historic making it an incredibly versatile instrument.

The three manual Symphonica is specifically a home organ which provides a vast arrange of new and exciting features with 57 traditional organ voices with four different sample banks of American Classic, Symphonic, Baroque and Historic in a Cavaillé-Coll style console. In addition, this unique organ boasts a considerable number of orchestral and other voices.

Both instruments contain twelve new and unique reverberation programmes sampled from many key organs around the world.