Stunning Installation at Nunthorpe St Mary

A pipe organ was never installed in Nunthorpe St Mary with the space designed for the loft being simply too small. An early electronic organ had seen better days and became more or less unplayable by late 2019; it was removed in favour of a new Makin Windermere three manual tabstop instrument in 2020 with final voicing taking place in the last few days.

For the first time the building is truly awash with organ sound from speakers installed at the west end of the building. The console is in a comanding position in the Choir with excellent lines of sight for the organist with the woodwork being a perfect match to the other church furniture. The sound in this beautiful building is stunning from ethereal Swell strings and box tightly closed with a 32’ flue rumbling away through a lovely Choir Corno di Bassetto (a very English Clarinet) to full organ. Exciting organ sounds will be of considerable benefit to the worship for many years to come.

This is a perfect location for a RoadShow event which we hope to be able to schedule later this year.