Quality reverberation makes all the difference

There is often a great desire to play a home organ in a large acoustic to add that extra touch of realism. For some it would arise during practice for a recital when it would be very useful to be able to practice in a similar acoustic. For others, who will never have the privilege of playing in a large venue. Put very simply, we have ‘sampled’ the reverberation of a number of famous venues around the world, by recording in high quality the firing of a starting pistol using several microphones in a known geometry to each other. The process is then repeated by recording sound from a wide frequency tone generation system. Once our software engineers have performed their magic, we make this available to customers as a live reverb add-on to our instruments.

Our latest custom instruments using our 2013 and 2014 technologies can have reverbs built into their instrument as an option, allowing them to play in the exact acoustic of the likes of Notre Dame, Liverpool Cathedral, Holy Trinity Southport and many others. For customers of older instruments, we have developed a separate reverberation unit which will provide users with the same functionality as a new instrument from an external box. Whilst our add-on box is simple in theory, in practice it is a complex piece of equipment containing many components, including the main processor board, used by our latest instruments. This box is then connected to a 4.1 speaker system to produce the reverb of your dreams.

Demonstrations of the system are available in our Shaw showroom and we expect to have a box hooked up to one of the instruments for our May 2014 ‘Sounds of the Summer’ concert in Mixbury.