Prices up, Inflation high, but we have a special new year offer!

The prices of organs are very dependent upon the prices of raw materials and components and of course also transport costs. Over the last year we have seen some eye watering rises in the cost of these. So at such difficult times we are doing what we can to help our valued customers.

The Opus is a familiar face in the Johannus family. The impressive history of the Opus extends back to sometime in the last century: to the start of the 1970s, when the Opus came onto the market as the first Johannus living room organ. Since then, countless organists have grown up with this organ and “the Opus” has become a veritable household name among organ enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, the Opus has been Johannus’ bestselling organ for many years.

I am delighted to say that we have a special limited time offer for the Johannus Opus 377 three manual instrument in light oak for £13,495.00 including UK delivery and VAT. This is a significant saving of £1,800 from the current price making it essentially the same price of the corresponding two-manual Opus 277 model. So three manuals for the price of two! What’s more, we will also include an LED Pedalboard light and Gt & Ped Combs Coupled piston in in the same price saving £270.

For more details and availability, please contact Matthew Pearson on 01706 888 100 who will be able to talk you through the details. For example, if you would like a different colour of wood or need a console split to be able to install it in your music room these can be added for additional cost.

Our expectation is that the first batch will be available for installation in March. if you are interested, please do act quickly as I am uncertain of how many batches of organs we will be able to produce at this remarkable price.