Merry Christmas to all from all Makin and Copeman Hart staff

Christmas will soon be upon us, and on behalf of all my colleagues at Makin Organs and Copeman Hart I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
2011 Has been a tremendous year as we have pulled the two companies together. From the outset, we decided to run them as separate entities to recognise the individual strengths of name and organs at Makin, Johannus in the UK and Copeman Hart. However, we have now taken the important step of amalgamating marketing, sales and service so all customers can experience the same professional service whatever their choice of instrument and budget. With this in mind, we have produced some high quality videos which have been released on our websites (  and these feature customer testimonials, Professor Ian Tracey playing permanent installations and video guides to some instruments. In the last few days we have introduced a new website, Church Organ World ( which gives an overview of all three companies and their products. Truly, for the first time, our companies provide the right product for every single organist. This is something that I am very proud of, and is something that has not gone unnoticed in our business.
As a commemoration of our successful acquisition, indeed to help customers share in our success, and to celebrate Christmas, I am happy to offer home customers free delivery and installation for any instrument ordered before the end of 2011. Whilst most of these organs are unlikely to be installed until January 2012 or later, there is a chance that one or two installations may be possible in 2011. Similarly for churches, I am pleased to provide you with a free Johannus midi sequencer for any orders placed during the remainder of this year. Please call me directly if I can be of assistance in respect of these seasonal offers.