Makin announces the acquisition of Copeman Hart & Company Ltd

The 28th of February, 2011, is a date that will go down in the history of Makin Organs, and indeed the digital organ business as a whole, when the acquisition of Copeman Hart & Company Ltd by Makin Organs was announced. Founded by Ernest Hart in 1960, Copeman Hart has been at the forefront of pipeless organ technology for fifty years with Ernest remaining at the helm.

Copeman Hart has always produced instruments of exceptional quality, both in terms of sound and build, which has meant they have been in competition with top quality digital organ companies such as Makin, and pipe organ builders rather than a number of companies who have always produced ‘cheap and cheerful’ digital instruments. These are organs for the discerning customer, the connoisseur, and are custom built, with time lavished during the design process to ensure that all expectations are met and preferably exceeded.

Customers of Copeman Hart were delighted to hear the news of the acquisition since the future of their instrument, and that of the company as a whole has been secured into the next generation. The future is indeed bright.

Dr Keith Harrington, Managing Director of Makin Organs since 2004, and now, in addition, Managing Director of Copeman Hart commented “This is a very exciting time for customers and staff alike and I am thoroughly looking forward to the opportunities ahead. Both Makin and Copeman Hart have their own unique identities and will be run as separate entities, each playing to its own strengths. Of course, due to our increased group size and purchasing power, there will be some excellent economies of scale, and since the group is geographically based around the country our engineers will all be closer than ever to all our customers.” He added “Ernest will remain a Director of Copeman Hart. Going forwards we will ensure that everything we do will maintain and enhance the great tradition of quality which has been part of the business from the outset.”