Johannus LiVE 3T now launched

Following on from the immediate success of the LiVE 2T, Johannus have released the LiVE 3T.
You can upload the sample sets for dozens of international pipe organs on the Johannus LiVE 2T and 3T. Special sample sets have been developed for this purpose; they are uploaded into the digital organ using a USB stick. Each USB stick contains the authentic, professional recordings of a specific international pipe organ. These sample sets contain a large number of unique stops for these organs.
A number of selected stops from the very large Johannus sample database have also been added. The result is that each sample set for the Johannus LiVE 2T contains 44 stops, and the sample sets for the 3T contain 52 stops. Most of these stops come from the original pipe organ, and the rest are supplementary stops in the spirit of and complementary to the character of the pipe organ concerned.
Behind each stoplist there are concealed dynamic stops. For example, if you have uploaded the Silbermann organ from the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden, then the stop tabs of your LiVE 2T or 3T represent a large proportion of that pipe organ’s original stoplist, plus a selection of stops added by Johannus. If you tap on any stop tab, then the name of the tab appears in the display as it appears on the original pipe organ that you currently have selected.