Jaw dropping sound at Salford Cathedral

Organist Anthony Hunt said “When our organ was installed over 12 years ago, it was at that time, the cutting edge of digital organ technology, and we were all highly impressed with it. Since that time, digital sampling has made massive strides in achieving greater authenticity and realism, overtaking the earlier ingenuity contained within the innards of our organ console and amplifier unit.

After a decade of technological stagnation, it was clear that our instrument would benefit highly from the latest advances in organ sampling. Therefore when Church Organ World offered to revoice the organ, we welcomed this opportunity with open arms. The organ was subsequently revoiced in a little over 6 hours thanks to the amazing ear of voicing expert, Professor Ian Tracey, and the end results are literally jaw-dropping. It’s as if we have been given a new organ. I would suggest that it is no exaggeration that Salford Cathedral’s musical jewel in the crown has been reinvigorated with life and vibrancy, and its tonal palette complemented with a new and dazzling array of sounds which, although distinctly English in voice, are versatile enough to emulate the rich and syrupy timbres of French Romantic organ