Happy Christmas from all at ChurchOrganWorld

An early Christmas present, the wonderful picture you can see is of a recent home installation for a customer in Sheffield taken just after Ian Tracey and I had voiced this remarkable instrument.

2012 Has been a record breaking year, our best ever to date, with sales of new organs well beyond our expectations in what remains a very difficult financial climate for many. This of course is exceptionally heartening and it is very clear that launching ChurchOrganWorld by providing the best from Makin, Johannus and Copeman Hart was the right thing to do.

Our recent sixteen page edition of Organ News (number 22) should now have arrived with customers and friends at the ideal time for a quiet read! If you haven’t received a copy, please request one or download one from our websites. Our digital presence now goes beyond our websites extending to our Facebook group www.facebook.com/churchorganworld. Actually we also have a Twitter account as well, but so far this is dormant as I have yet to fully understand the need for this aspect of social media.

Our next major milestone is the 2013 release of our latest standard Makin instrument, the Thirlmere, which will be with us early in the new year. Indeed I am delighted to say that we have already taken three pre-orders from customers who have yet to see or hear it, but know it is the right instrument for them!

Our offices close for business on Friday 21st December, opening again on Thursday 3rd January.


Dr Keith A Harrington
Managing Director