From strength to strength

What a wonderful spring and summer we have had at ChurchOrganWorld, with unparalleled sales of new instruments, organ upgrades and sheet music sales. Our decision to have our three brands of Makin, Copeman Hart and Johannus under one roof has been seen by many old and new customers alike to be a sound decision, allowing customers to easily decide themselves which instrument will meet their needs and desires. Remember we only use the best technologies and with home practice organs starting at less than £5,000 there truly is an instrument for everybody.
Following a series of very popular Roadshows around the country, and our annual event at Leeds Parish Church, in June we provided our new Copeman Hart touring organ for a spectacular ‘Battle of the Organs’ at Liverpool Cathedral with Carlo Curley and Professor Ian Tracey. Our ‘Autumn Shades’ concert with Professor Ian Tracey on Saturday 6th October in Shaw is our next major event. Please do contact us directly if you would like free tickets.
Why buy from us? Take a good look at all aspects of our websites, including the organs we have on offer and our ever growing list of customer testimonials. The answers are all there for you, whether your choice is Makin, Copeman Hart or Johannus. Why not is perhaps the better question.