Ernest Copeman Hart (1934 – 2022)

We are very saddened to report the passing of Ernest Hart aged 87 on Sunday 16th January 2022. Ernest had been in poor health for some considerable time, but his passing although peaceful, has still been a significant shock to those in our business who worked with him and for him. 
Copeman Hart & Company Ltd was founded by Ernest in 1960 and was run by him as Managing Director for fifty years. During that time, it became perhaps the most recognised name for quality in the pipeless organ world, with many sumptuous installations worldwide and a tremendous following of loyal customers and admirers.
Great attention to detail has always been a trademark of Ernest and the company, with every single instrument being built totally bespoke to meet the exact needs of the customer in the most flexible way possible. Time was lavished on building the finest quality consoles, which are built on a par with the best from pipe organ builders. The culmination of the whole process was impeccable on-site voicing by Ernest to ensure that the best result possible has been achieved for every customer, down to the last detail of every note.
Ernest and the company he led has never stood still in its research and development efforts. Through the years innovations helped to ensure that customers always had the best solutions available, from analogue through to solid state and now with digital components. Whatever the hardware or software used through the years, the results have always been stunning, with satisfaction guaranteed.
This great tradition of unsurpassed sound, complimented by build quality finesse was passed on to Managing Director Dr Keith Harrington, who took over this role in 2011 when as part of Ernest’s retirement planning at the age of 77, Copeman Hart was acquired by Makin Organs Ltd. 
Keith commented, “Meeting Ernest for the first time in person during 2010 was a tremendous privilege.” He added “I have met many customers who were simply in awe of him and what he has done for so many years; his passing is certainly another end of an era”. Ernest had a soft spot for Steve Bell who he employed in 1991 and who has been with the company since.
In his later years Ernest acquired quite a taste for red wine and became somewhat of a connoisseur. Although the organ business was his life, he thoroughly enjoyed watching Grand Prix racing. 
If customers or friends have any memories or thoughts they would like to share with our staff and Ernest’s family, please send them to