Don’t tell him Pyke!

One of our many stalwart customers, Forrester Pyke, recently made the press for celebrating 37 years at the organ in Bridge of Allan. Forrester played an integral role in the selection of the three-manual custom Makin organ in 2008 that was voiced by Makin in consultation with him. With thirty-four speaking stops utilising a 12.1 speaker system behind the beautiful Mackintosh designed pipe façade, the sound is excellent.
Courtesy of Graeme Kay, a digital platforms producer for BBC Radio 3 and 4 and Choir & Organ Magazine … The Bridge of Allan Parish Church in Scotland has been celebrating the 37-year stewardship of the music there by Forrester Pyke. He began playing the piano at 7 and as a child/singer he made numerous appearances in operas at Covent Garden; he played Tiny Tim in the televised version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in 1962; he also appeared in ‘The Avenger’s and his voice was also used in the Judy Garland film ‘I could go on Singing’. His father was at one time organists of Oban Cathedral, and at 16 Forrester took up the instrument. After moving to Scotland and gaining teaching qualifications, he sang with the Scottish Opera and the Scottish National Orchestra Chorus and performed with the Scottish Theatre Company. He is known all over Scotland as a composer and a musical director, and as an improviser of piano accompaniments of silent movies at high profile venues. The Bridge of Allan church is distinguished by the presence of an organ screen, pulpit, fencing and communion table by the great Scottish designer/architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. ‘I understand at one point we had CRM pews,’ the minister Dan Harper, said, ‘but they were removed during his lifetime as they were quite uncomfortable. There is no way we can thank Forrester enough for his musical support he has given the wider church in the last 54 years, and here at Bridge of Allan for the last 37 years’.