Don’t get stuck in a rut!

So many digital instruments have proven to be very limiting where the organ has been simply installed and customer simply left to fend for themselves with no prospect of easily benefitting from enhanced technologies down the line.

However, the future of your Makin instrument is always of prime concern to us. Makin has always been seen by many to provide simply the best in customer service and we are proud to announce that our new MultiSamples can now be installed in any of our custom organs built in the last ten years.

Following the upgrade of several instruments, hundreds of letters have gone out this week to customers offering this upgrade service which not only includes the new upgraded samples and associated hardware/software but also an option to modify the organ specification, a through service of the instrument, an extended parts warranty and a total revoicing of the instrument. Essentially the best just got better.

At such difficult economic times, you can always expect Makin to find ways to help our customers. But then as a discerning musician you wouldn’t expect less.

You can download a copy of Makin News 18 which provides some background information on MultiSamples.