Announcing the Rydal 2-20

Whilst many churches are simply delighted by the Thirlmere 2-30 instrument, for smaller churches it is simply too large. In this case customers who want a quality instrument rather than having to cope with something ‘cheap and cheerful’ have often chosen to work with us to design and build a smaller custom instrument to meet their needs. However, there are a number of customers where cost has become an issue, but of course quality remained a concern, which is where the concept of a ‘baby’ Makin was born.

After much thought, a small two manual instrument with 20 speaking stops and an audio component to match using a 4.1 system, seems to meet most needs. For such an organ, quality is assured as the number of speakers/amplifiers against the number of speaking stops is good. What’s more the Rydal uses the same high-end technology as our custom instruments.

The specification was designed by Keith Harrington and Ian Tracey and very much fits in with the Makin philosophy that each stop really needs a full justification to be included in such a small specification. For example, there should be a diapason chorus on each division with a range of flutes, strings and reeds to complete the design. The ‘Rydal’ organ was born. For full details visit the Rydal web page.

Contact us today to find out about our special introductory offer for the first ten organs sold.